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The Donatello collection is inspired in the neoclassical style, its characteristic ornamentation and decoration hark back to the spirit of Renaissance decorativism – the classic Italian base worldwide. The Donatello collection balances the decorative richness with the use of only two finishes: dark walnut and gold – a fusion of timeless charm. The use of entirely Italian primary materials of irrefutable quality and imagination, together with the decorative flair, make this collection unique. 
Donatello Bedroom 
The Giotto collection interprets the concept of Italian classicism in the truest sense of the term. Finishes in national walnut combine with a gilt decorative system in a timeless ensemble. This collection plays with the use of frames as decorative features to underline the fine line between the beauty of a design piece and a work of art. The furniture from the Giotto collection enrich your rooms. A sage regal touch, born from the histories, passions and craftsmen of Italy. 
Giotto Bedroom 
The Leonardo collection is inspired by Arredoclassic´s history, with references to its distinctive trademarks, to create new paths, explore new architectural possibilities and allow new ideas to bloom. Leonardo evolves with respect to the aesthetic codes that have made Italian style furnishing renowned worldwide. By carefully studying materials and fabrics, we have created new volumes which interact with a space in the making and narrate the stories of your everyday beauty. 
Leonardo Bedroom 
The Liberty collection encompasses everything you´ve always envisaged for your house: luminosity, elegance and constantly awe-provoking with captivating details such as the handles, which recall a square spiral in the style of noble and antique friezes. The marble finish in shades of cream complements the elegant silver framing, warmed by touches of gold leaf. Simple and gracious lines constitute the base design of the collection, newly enriched with sparkle. Luxurious rooms full of harmony turn your home into the perfect place to fulfil your fantasies. 
Liberty Bedroom 
The Melodia collection is rich in innovative concepts, created to give a new lease of life to classic Italian style. A collection of soft and romantic lines in a return to a neoclassical ambience with a touch of art deco for embellishment in the numerous friezes and arabesques. The Melodia collection is innovative both in aesthetic and functional grounds, new elements have been added to the historical Arredoclassic creations to make every aspect of your home unique and elegant. The Melodia features remain refined and striking even in the experimental new volumetric solutions, retaining the harmony and base chords following Italian tradition. 
Melodia Bedroom 

Contemporary Neoclassic, these seemingly juxtaposing adjectives most aptly describe the Mirò collection. A collection based on a clever play of contrasts between contemporary finishes and classic, soft lines. The light plays with the screen printing on the light surfaces, in a pleasant variation of tones which mark out your rooms with personality and originality.

A collection designed with passion to involve and stimulate the main senses – an expression of an identity and lifestyle which does not stop at Italian luxury. We want to stir emotions and keep them ablaze over time.

Miro Bedroom 
Raffaello has gone down in history as “the flawless painter” for the formal precision, elegance and beauty of his works. The Arredoclassic collection is inspired in these principles with a stylistic choice geared towards celebrating simple and balanced shapes which recall the friezes of the Renaissance cornices, basing them as the concept for the entire collection. The collection is made of details and stylistic innovative research to guarantee the uniqueness that only Italian design can provide. 
Raffaello Bedroom 
The Tiziano collection evokes the atmosphere of Florentine romance, essential in the style development of Italian design. Light and bright colours combine with the screen printing, decorations and mecca silver leaf moulding in a marriage of undeniable charm and prestige. The classic nature of the decorations are tempered by the choice of soft colours for the patina finish – a play of light and delightful overlaps render the pieces in this collection elegant and sophisticated. The Tiziano collection provides a soft and comfortable warmth, bestowing a lightness to make your home truly unique – a place where everyday din is dissolved into a gentle whisper. 
Tiziano Bedroom 
Baroque richness, opulence and charm, the base notes that underpin the Sinfonia collection. A collection designed to impress with its sophisticated and eclectic taste, which only the Italian baroque can give. The elegant gilding swirls along the surfaces like stucco in a continuous and always unique manner, dancing in space with a lightness of touch which is true of objects that tell their and our history. 
Sinfonia Bedroom